Training Schedule Updates

Training Schedule changes

Long before the pigeons arrive and sit quarantine the proposed training schedule is drawn up and published with the condition that it is subject to change. The schedule is drawn up taking an ideal world into account, where quarantine timing, orientation of the pigeons and initial training flights run perfectly smoothly.

This year we were well on track and with the short distance training flights the pigeons managed to get to the 25km mark relatively easy. However, once we moved to 45km things changed. Looking at TF01 to TF03 this is obvious with only about 60% of the pigeons completing the training flight in a reasonable time. As such it was decided to increase the amount of training flights from 45km until the majority of the pigeons were fit and able to complete the training flight in a reasonable time. Additional rest days were also introduced for the pigeons. From TF05 the situation improved and with TF06 95% of the pigeons completed the training flight in time and so TF07 was increased back to 62km.

Training pigeons is not an exact science and a pre-set formula cannot be applied; the ability and fitness of the pigeons must be taken into account at every step of the way.

Rest assured that the Loft Managers and trainers have the best interests of the pigeons at heart and will modify the training as needed.

Michael Holt

Race Administration Director

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