Reserve Pigeons

Entrants will be given until 12:00 (RSA time) on Monday 29 January 2018 to activate any of their remaining unpaid reserve pigeons. After this time, a list of reserve pigeons not entered by their owners will be made available to the public to enter on a first come first served basis without exception. Please note that once a pigeon is entered by another, it will only be moved back to your account should it be needed to replace a missing entered pigeon.

Once the list of pigeons for sale is up, please remember only entered pigeons can take part in the nomination races. If a member of the public has entered one of your pigeons, they are entitled to nominate the pigeon if they so wish.

You can view the current status of your pigeons (as they went to Hot Spot 5) on your race account. With pigeons still returning, please make sure to check on the web site for the latest listing of pigeons in the loft. We will be updating pigeon statuses to reflect lost pigeons from Hot Spot 5 tomorrow once more pigeons have had a chance to return.

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