Training Update 12 October 2018

As you have seen on the videos posted on our Facebook page, the pigeons had a nice few days of bathing in the warm South African sun. We are now nearing the end of the homing period and the pigeons are starting with their free flight training around the lofts. We are getting closer and closer to road training.

The pigeons are on a strict daily routine to ensure that they will be in first-rate form when road training starts. The trainers are very happy with the condition of the birds. Our Vet, Dr Piet van Zyl, visits the lofts on a weekly basis to ensure the pigeons are healthy and fit.

The pigeons are responding well to the loft training, when the siren sounds it takes them approximately 5 min for all of the pigeons to go through the trap and into the lofts.

Keep your eyes peeled for our 1st loft listing that will be up very soon.

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