First International pigeons arrive for the 2019 South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race.

We are ecstatic to announce that the first pigeons arrived from Canada on 30 May 2018. They were collected at O.R. Thambo international airport.

Our loft manager Andre is happy with the condition he received them in. The baskets were neatly sealed and the pigeons had food and water during their trip.

At the lofts they were quickly processed by the staff and placed in quarantine where they received fresh food and water. They are now settled in, happily cooing as they look out at the winter countryside.

We have also received quite a few local entries from South Africans and we are expecting loads more to come. Our intake period is now in full flung action.

With the arrival of the first pigeons we are looking forward to the 2019 race season, the lofts are more than ready for the season ahead.

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