Intake dates

Pigeons will be received into the SAMDPR Quarantine lofts from 15 May to 30 June 2020. This means that all international pigeons should be received by the shipping agents for shipping to South Africa from 15 April to 30 May 2020.

Please arrange with your shipper to make sure your pigeons are received on time

Pre shipping Quarantine

All pigeons sent to the SAMDPR need to sit a 30-day pre-shipping quarantine.

To give the pigeons the best chance, entrants must vaccinate with a dead vaccine once young pigeons are weaned at about 24 -26 days old or once the pigeons are feeding themselves.

Entrants are also encouraged to vaccinate their pigeons 21 days prior to sending them to the exporting agents. This is very important as the young pigeons have already developed immunity to their own biome and stress from the vaccinations will be less.

Sick Pigeons

Do not send the SAMDPR pigeons that are not in good health.

Experience has shown us that these pigeons do not recover from the stress of shipping and in the end infect healthy pigeons, making our job even more difficult.

Season Schedule

Below is the proposed schedule for the 25th SAMDPR. Please be aware that this is only a guide and may change depending on weather conditions and how the pigeons progress.

15 May to 30 June In take of pigeons into quarantine
July 2020 Quarantine of pigeons
August 2020 Homing of the pigeons
September 2020 Training of pigeons around the lofts
October 2020 Short distance training up to 20km
November 2020 Training up to 62km
1 to 12 December Training up to 114km


Hot Spot and Main Race

Subject to how the pigeons progress and weather permitting the Hot Spot dates for the 2021 season are as follows:

13 December 2020 Hot Spot 1 - 165km
20 December 2020 Hot Spot 2 - 213km
27 December 2020 Hot Spot 3 - 252km
02 January 2021 Hot Spot 4 - 288km
16 January 2021 Hot Spot 5 - 340km


30 January 2021 Main Race - 585km

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the admin team.

Kind regards,



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