How does a pigeon go missing between listings?

We have received a number of queries about missing pigeons and how a pigeon could get lost between two published listings.

One thing to remember is that the pigeons are trained every day of the week. Although we only publish a few training results a week, all pigeons (other than hold back pigeons) go out on the days in between as well for training.

This means that although a pigeon is listed as returned on a race result or loft listing it may well have gone missing on one of the training flights in between the last published listing and the next basketing list.

A number of these pigeons will only stay out for a day or two and then return to the lofts so keep an eye on the listings for any of your pigeons that have returned. Keep in mind that once a pigeon has been replaced and its replacement has competed for prize money the replacement will remain the activated pigeon even if the lost pigeon returns subsequently.

Some entrants have raised concerns that their pigeons might be targeted due to their breeding or performance. In this regard we want to set everyone's mind at ease. The security measures we have in place at the lofts prevent any individual pigeon from being identified by the loft staff making sure that all pigeons get equal and fair treatment. All pigeons ID rings are concealed with a sticker when they receive their electronic rings so it is impossible to identify any individual pigeon from the rest.

Best of luck for the upcoming races

SAMDPR Administration

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