SAMDPR paid out over USD 1.8 million in prize money for the 2018 race, don’t miss your chance to be a winner in 2019…..

With a proven track record of paying out its prize money over the last 22 years The South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race has established itself as one of the premier one loft races in the world.

Taking the total prize pool of over US$1.85 million paid out for the 2017/18 season The South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race is still one of the best paying one loft races today. Yes there are other races with slightly higher first prizes but the number of paying positions does not come close to the 317 prizes totalling US$1 071 320.00 paid out on the main race. Not to mention the further 295 other prizes paid out during the run up competitions to the main race totalling close to US$270 000.00

On top of this there are still the numerous prizes won by entrants who took a chance by entering the nomination races and thereby winning their share of the more than US$530 000.00 in prizes paid out during the 2017/18 race season.

When you add to all of this the refunds given to entrants for paid reserves that do not make it to the main race and free entries issued for lost paid teams there isn’t a fairer option out there for the fancier looking to compete against some of the world’s best.

The race date for 2019 has been set for the 2nd of February and provisional intake dates for the 23rd South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race are 14 May 2018 to 29 June 2018 so contact your local shipping agent to make arrangements to get your pigeons in for this coming season - all shippers information available at the bottom of our web page under the Shippers Information heading. A full list of prize positions is also listed.

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