Pedigree reminder

11 Feb 2019, 09:28
Just a reminder to all entrants about the change in breeders shares of auction proceeds

A note from our MD Sara Blackshaw

06 Feb 2019, 13:42
It was wonderful to see so many people at the SAMDPR main race on Saturday February 2nd. We were exceedingly lucky with the weather conditions which proved to be much much better than the forecasts were projecting.

Hot Spot 5 Car Winner

23 Jan 2019, 12:16
Picture of our Hot Spot 5 Car Winner

Distance change Training flight 14

21 Jan 2019, 08:04
Consulting with the pigeon trainers and our vet it has been decided that it would benefit the pigeons to increase the distance of Training flight 14 from 62km to 114km on Saturday, 26 January 2019

Blackpool Show

18 Jan 2019, 21:00
All set up - come and visit us

Hot Spot 4 Car winner

17 Jan 2019, 08:27
Picture of our Hot Spot 4 Car winner

Unpaid reserve pigeons

15 Jan 2019, 11:38
IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding unpaid reserve pigeons

Hot Spot 3 Car Winner

11 Jan 2019, 18:12
Our Car winner from Hot Spot Car Race 3

SAMDPR Competitions and Events Race Weekend

04 Jan 2019, 10:57
This year features 2 new events. Please read the information and consider joining in on the excitement.

Car Winner Hot Spot 2

31 Dec 2018, 16:52
Car Winner Hot Spot 2 - Wolfram Coesfeld

Car Winner Hot Spot 1

27 Dec 2018, 09:20
Car Winner Hot Spot 1 - TNT Lofts

Yahoo email issues

17 Dec 2018, 20:56
Online emails not going through

Changes to the result system

15 Dec 2018, 09:53
Upgrades to the result system

Late US pigeons

13 Dec 2018, 15:24
We have had a number of inquiries about a number of US and Canadian pigeons that show up late on the pre training flight results.

Road Training has Started

24 Nov 2018, 07:30
The trainers are happy to report that they have now started to basket the pigeons to get them used to the basketing procedure and road training.

Open Day 2018

12 Nov 2018, 10:49
The date is set for our annual open day at the lofts for this Saturday, 17 November 2018. We invite all pigeon fanciers to come and enjoy the day with us and of course to come and see the pigeons.

Loft Report - 12 November 2018

12 Nov 2018, 10:24
Our pigeon trainers are happy to report that the pigeons are responding exceptionally well to the training and have habituated to the training routine.

Some advice from our trainers to reduce losses during quarantine.

25 Oct 2018, 10:49
Now that quarantine is completed and the pigeons are being orientated and trained around the lofts we want to take this opportunity to give some pointers for those entrants who have lost pigeons during quarantine.

Important Information regarding Pedigrees and Auctions for 2019

12 Oct 2018, 09:40
We at the SAMDPR would just like to bring this information to you attention. Please refer to the Conditions of entry on our website. Please take note of Number 4 under the auction heading.

Training Update 12 October 2018

12 Oct 2018, 09:33
As you have seen on the videos posted on our Facebook page, the pigeons had a nice few days of bathing in the warm South African sun. We are now nearing the end of the homing period and the pigeons are starting with their free flight training around the lofts. We are getting closer and closer to road training.

Training has begun

17 Sep 2018, 11:24
With quarantine now lifted we begun training the pigeons immediately.

Quarantine update

06 Sep 2018, 09:48
With the intake period now behind us and quarantine in full flung, we are happy to report that the pigeons are doing very well. They are on a strict daily routine to ensure that they will be in top shape when quarantine is lifted.

First International pigeons arrive for the 2019 South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race.

01 Jun 2018, 09:49
We are ecstatic to announce that the first pigeons arrived from Canada on 30 May 2018.

Vaccination procedure for SA Entrants

28 May 2018, 12:21
Our pigeon trainer Mr. Corrie Naude explains the following procedure to vaccinate your pigeons before sending them to quarantine at the SAMDPR.

SAMDPR paid out over USD 1.8 million in prize money for the 2018 race, don’t miss your chance to be a winner in 2019…..

09 Apr 2018, 08:32
Preparations for the 2019 SAMDPR are in full swing, contact your local agent for more information on shipping dates

Race date 2019 confirmed

05 Apr 2018, 12:48
Saturday, 2 February 2019 has now been confirmed as the race date for next year.

New USA and Canadian shipper

26 Mar 2018, 17:31
Feathers Elite Quarantine Services have joined our team of shipping agents.

New USA shipper

13 Mar 2018, 12:55
We would like to introduce our newest member to the team Daniel Hash who has joined the race as a shipping agent for the USA

Our stand at Doncaster Show

12 Mar 2018, 09:51
Picture of our stand at Doncaster Spring Show

Race Directors Report

01 Mar 2018, 10:37
Race Directors Report

Frank McLaughlin

26 Feb 2018, 16:32
It is with great regret that we have to announce that Frank McLaughlin will no longer be acting as one of our shipping agents


19 Feb 2018, 13:41
The auction season kicked off with a bang with the top 50 going under the hammer this past weekend.

Still the best

14 Feb 2018, 11:58
With a proven track record of paying out its prize money over the last 22 years The South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race has established itself as one of the premier one loft races in the world.

Latest shipper

13 Feb 2018, 11:58
Our latest shipping agent to join the team is Frank Nebig from Animals to Fly

Car winners Hot Spot 5

10 Feb 2018, 11:10
Picture of our 5th Hot Spot car winners Kenny Rhodes and Rick Wilfon

Irish Luck

04 Feb 2018, 12:56
Our Irish entrant Karl Donnelly from Donnelly and Kirkwood

SAMDPR Winner 2018

03 Feb 2018, 16:26
Picture of our 2018 winner

Basketing & Main race 2018

31 Jan 2018, 09:23
Any pigeon fancier that would like to assist us with basketing on Thursday 1st February is welcome.

TOP 50 Auction

28 Jan 2018, 09:35
We have received some questions about the Top 50 auction.

Car Winner Hot Spot 4

27 Jan 2018, 09:05
Picture of our car winner from Hot Spot 4

Reserve Pigeons

25 Jan 2018, 07:54
Last chance for entrants to enter their remaining unpaid reserve pigeons.

Blackpool Show 2018

21 Jan 2018, 06:47

Car winner Hot Spot 2

15 Jan 2018, 06:20
Car Winner Hot Spot 2

Car winners Hot Spot 3

14 Jan 2018, 15:49
Our car winners for Hot Spot 3

Message from ASI

13 Jan 2018, 19:50
A Message from Sara J Blackshaw.

Car winners Hot Spot 1

11 Jan 2018, 15:31
Picture of our car winners from Hot Spot 1

Golf and Fishing Competition

11 Jan 2018, 08:50

Hot Spot Car Race 3

08 Jan 2018, 17:03
We had our third HSCR on Saturday, 6 January 2017

Missing pigeons

05 Jan 2018, 07:04
We have received a number of queries about missing pigeons and how a pigeon could get lost between two published listings.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Country Challenge

02 Jan 2018, 18:32
Important notice regarding Country Challenge
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