Auction Venues

Basic guidelines for online auction bidding:

  1. Only registered accounts can place bids online, in order to register please download the “Auction Application Form” you will find on our homepage just below the list of upcoming auctions, complete it and email back to
  2. Once registered you can place bids on pigeons by logging into your race account, then loading the auction you want to bid on and then clicking on the “bid now” button below the price. Once you do this you will be taken to a page where you can place your bid. Fill in the maximum amount you are willing to bid (only numbers, no cents or letters) and place bid. A confirmation screen will pop up where you will have to confirm the amount is correct. Once confirmed bid will be placed. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK AMOUNT IS CORRECT AS ONCE PLACED BIDS CANNOT BE REMOVED!
  3. Our system is set up to compare the various bids received and will make the person with the highest maximum the winning bidder at 1 bid increment higher than the second highest bid received. As various bids are received this process is completed each time so make sure to check back on bids as you might have been the highest bidder when you placed your bid but someone else could have placed a higher bid later and outbid you.
  4. Late bids extends, our system is set up to extend bidding time should a bid be received in the last few minutes before the auction closes to ensure sniping bids are not placed and all bidders are given a fair opportunity to counter bid.
  5. Remember to refresh your screen to make sure you are seeing the latest bids
  6. Bids are placed in South African Rands, US$ equivalent is shown as an indicator for our overseas buyers
  7. Please make sure to read the auction conditions published on our website, by signing and sending back a registration form you accept that you are familiar with these.
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