The Country Challenge

All paid pigeons into the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race can be entered into this competition at a non-refundable entry fee of $120 per pigeon up until liberation of the third Hot Spot Car Race; no entries will be accepted after this.

Pigeons will compete under the country flag for which they are flying in the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. $10 of the entry fee will be retained by ASI for expenses and administration and the balance will be paid out as follows:

Hot Spot Car Races 1 to 4

Three prizes per Hot Spot Car Race of $125, $75 and $50 will be paid to the first three pigeons per country entered into the Country Challenge.

Fifth Hot Spot Car Race

$70 from every entry will be added to the starting prize money of $250 for the Country Challenge. All the prize money will be paid out to the first three Country Challenge entered pigeons in a ratio of 50%, 30% and 20%. The web site will have a constantly updated listing of these prizes as well as a list of which pigeons are competing for the prize money per country.

Country Challenge Main Race

Each country competing in the Country Challenge will be given $200 starting prize money and $40 from each Country Challenge entry fee goes to this "winner takes all" prize which will be awarded to the first Country Challenge pigeon per competing country in the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race for that country.

Entries will only be accepted up to 3rd Hot Spot so make sure to get your pigeons entered early!

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