SAMDPR at Heron Banks Golf and River Estate

Pre-training Flight 03

Liberation 23 Oct 2019, 07:10 Distance 13 km (8 mi)
Type Minor Training Flight Status LIBERATED
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Non-basketed returns 11 Pigeons Last Update 24 Oct 2019, 07:34
Notes These training flights are published for information only and do not count towards any averages. As this is part of road work training baskets may be opened row by row.
 WeatherTempWindTime of day
FewCloudsFine and clear19 °CModerate head windEarly Morning

The 24th South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race

The date for the next SAMDPR is 1 February 2020!

Intake dates for the 24th SAMDPR are 13 May 2019 to 28 June 2019.


Latest News

A Successful Season during the quarantine period starts at the fanciers loft.

02 Oct 2019, 11:30
Advice: vaccinate your pigeons

Special rates on accommodation for the 2020 race weekend - Book Now!

27 Aug 2019, 09:57
We have managed to secure a special rate at the hotel for a limited number of rooms for all bookings received and paid for in full by no later than 30 November 2019. The reservations will be done on a first come first served basis

Intake for SA Entrants ends

14 Aug 2019, 12:20
All SA entrants that still need to bring their pigeons to the lofts, please note that intake will close on Sunday, 18 August 2019

Training Schedule and Hot Spot dates added

14 Aug 2019, 10:35
Provisional Training Schedule added

$250 Reserve Deposits

10 Jul 2019, 08:37
As we are now going into quarantine the race has made a decision regarding the payment for reserve deposits on pigeons that die during quarantine.


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